"1+1" Iranisch-Italienische Koproduktion

Omid Niaz

Born in 1979, in Isfahan/Iran. He is graduated from Tehran Art & Architectural University, And also has participated in different festivals inside & outside as; International Children & Young people's theatre festival of Iran, Iran Fadjr Theatre Festival, And Berlin Children & Young people's Theatre Festival in Germany, DW-WORLD Festival in Weimar/ Germany...as well, and has gained many awards. He is in charge and director of East Nan & Aroosak Theatre Group Now. He is a specialist in set designing, directing and writing plays for children's theatre.                                            

Graduated of Art & Architectural Faculty; Tehran University 2002.
In the field of directing
More than 6 theaters on the stage as:
"Gonjeshkake ashi mashi" 2000
"Zire Gonbade Kabood" 2002
"Bad Biggy Wolf" 2003
"Niloofar & her Dolls" 2004
  "Granny's House"2005
"Unfinished Stories"2005

"Narenj & Toranj" Performance, Fantasy, Performed in 14th International Children & Young People's Theater Festival in Isfahan/Iran (5 awards) and also DW-WORLD in Weimar/ Germany 2009

"Gray Kids" Performance, Real, Performed in Isfahan, Tehran/ Iran, The winner of 15th International Children & Young People's Theater Festival in Iran and also in International Children & Young People's Theater Festival in Augen Blick Mal Festival Berlin/ Germany 2009

"Persian Carpet" Performance, Fantasy, Performed in Isfahan, Tehran/ Iran and Humburg and Berlin/ Germany 2009

"Cinderella in Dead-End" Performance, Real, Performed in Isfahan, Tehran/ Iran and The winner of 16th International Children & Young People's Theater Festival in Iran 2009 and also invited to perform in Pergamum Museum in Berlin/ Germany for 2010

 "That Man who Came" Performance, Natural, Performed in Isfahan, Tehran/ Iran 2010

 "Merry Christmas" Performance, Real, Isfahan/ Iran, invited for International Children & Young People's Theater Festival in Istanbul/ Turkey 

·        In the field of theatre pedagogy
We have an Institution of teaching theater art for children & young people by the name of"ORDIBEHESHT" that you can visit our web site: www.ordibehesht-art.com

La Società della Civetta was founded in 2007 by the actor and director Guglielmo Papa

Guglielmo Papa is graduated in Music and Theatre Studies (DAMS Discipline delle Arti della Musica e dello Spettacolo),and postgraduated in Drama and Education at University of Bologna, Italy. He studied at "Ecole International de Théâtre Jaques Lecoq" in Paris and attended at several courses and masterclass for acting training. He studied double-bass at Music Conservatory of Bologna and music didactics at University of Esztergom, Hungary.
In 1986 he started the activity as professional actor working with several thetre companies as: “Piccolo Parallelo/Porto Atlantide”, “Teatro di Cento”, Micha Van Hoecke's “Ballet Théâtre l'Ensemble", "Teatro Nuova Edizione-Teatro delle Moline", "Teatro Proposta", “Koinè”, “Laminarie”, “Teatro Libero" in Palermo. From 1995 he is active in the field of children theatre primarily and from ’97 to 2003 he worked continually at La Baracca/Teatro Testoni in Bologna. From some years he conducts a research for the first childhood realizing performances, shows and projects of workshop for the pre-school age. He realizes projects of theatrical educations for elementary, grammar and upper schools and he works as tutor for training courses on theatre education for Primary and Middles School teachers.In December
2009 debuted in Ankara, Turkey, the show for children Pinokyo, text and direction of Guglielmo Papa (a State Theater of Ankara production). who has been active in the field of children theatre for more than fifteen years. The company was established to extend the theatrical experience to the collaboration with other professional figures in the area of early childhood such as educators, teachers, psychologists.
La Soietà della Civetta aims to create an original theatrical language that addresses children and adolescents with a special attention to early childhood, through the production of shows and workshop for the pre-school age.
The shows of La Società della Civetta are represented in the seasons of some of the most important italian theatres (Teatro Testoni di Bologna, Teatro Mangiafuoco di Milano, Teatro di Bismantova) and the company is engaded, with projects of workshop and shows in schools, libraries and cultural centres, in a daily work in the area of residence with the collaboration and the support of the local pubblic institutions.
The shows of La Società della Civetta have been represented in Italy as well in Switzerland, Finland, Ireland, Turkey, Romania, USA, United Kingdom, South Korea, Canada, confirming the interest of the company to open the experience to other cultures and international realities. The new show WIND debutted in Bath (UK), THEATRE ROYAL the egg, on September 2011.
Participations at international festival
"Finz Festival" - Pianoro (Italy) - May 2008
"Black and White Theatre Festival" - Imatra (Finland) - May 2008
"Impressions Festival" - Clonmel (Ireland) - October 2008
"Roola Boola Children's Art Festival" - Castlebar (Ireland) - October 2008
"Wainfest" - Letterkenny (Ireland) - October 2008
"Little Ladies Little Gentlemen Festival" - State Theatre of Ankara - (Turkey) - April 2009
"100, 1000 a Million Stories" - Bucharest (Romania) - October 2009
"Pittsburgh International Children's Festival" – Pittsburgh (USA) - May 2010
"Escalante Teatre", Valencia, (Spain) - May 2010
"Kindergarden Festival 2010", UK (various locations), June 2010
Theatre Royal Bath - The Egg, Bath (UK), July 2010
"Rossendale Puppet Festival 2010", Horse and Bamboo, (UK), July 2010
"Youth for Children"- Minicult Festival, Rostov on Don (Russia), October 2010
"The 7th Assitej Korea Winter Festival", Seul (South Korea), January 2011
"Ottawa International Children's Festival", Ottawa (Canada), June 2011
Theatre Royal Bath - The Egg, Bath (UK), September 2011
"Kids Euro Festival 2012", Washington DC (USA), November 2012
"ŻiguŻajg Arts Festival for Children and Young People 2012", Valletta (Malta), November 2012
"Flint Hills 2013 International Children's Festival", Saint Paul (Minnesota, USA), May-June 2013
"21st Kotor Festival of Theatre for Children 2013", Kotor (Montenegro), July 2013
"Black and White Theatre Festival" 2008 - Imatra (Finland):
-Award for "Originality" to the show Droplets
-Award for "Stage Direction" to the show Droplets
"18th International Theatre Festival for Children and Youth" 2011- Hamedan (Iran):
-Prize "Assitej Iran" for Droplets
La Società della Civetta Associazione Culturale
Via Mengoli, 1 40138 Bologna (BO) Italy tel +39 051346393 C.F. 92048740374

Tiziano Popoli is a music composer and pianist.

After piano and electronic musicstudies and a degree in D.A.M.S. he devoted himself to composition and
performance. He composed music for piano, voice, violin and piano, harp and live electronics, string quartet, ocarine settimino, choir and others chamber ensembles; for orchestra, for orchestra and sampler; music electronic and acousmatic. In accordance with the R. Murray Schafer’s theories his sonic interests include sound documentation, soundscapes, field recordings and, in general, the interactive arts.
He is professor of Electronic Music at Vivaldi Music Institute of Bolzano ans he is director of Rimusicazioni Film Festival (www.rimusicazioni.it)
In 1988 he constitued the Popoli - Dalpane Ensemble taking part in many festivals
in Italy and Europe and publishing 3 CD : Lezioni di anatomia, Serenate and
Eno/logie. With N.O.R.M.A. (+ Chris Cutler) he played in Bologna, Beograd, Novi
Sad, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London, Berlin and Thessaloniki and he published 2
CD: N.O.R.M.A. and L'Arpa e l'asino.
He started collaborations with many ensembles, musicians and projects:
66six, Humus, Fred Frith, Chris Cutler, Mike Patton, Heiner Goebbels, Butch Morris,
Phil Minton, Lamin Kontè, Tony Coe, Glen Ferris, Markus Stockhausen, Paolo Fresu,
Enrico Rava, Gianni Gebbia, Massimo Simonini, Emilio Galante, Stefano Zorzanello,
Eraldo Bernocchi, Marco Dalpane.
He create soundtrack and sound design for movies, dance, documentary, interactive
multimedia, audio installations and performances.
He composed and performed scores for many plays:
Arturo Brachetti, Giorgio Gaber, Ugo Tognazzi, Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo, Koinè,
Compagnia della Civetta, Valdoca, Reon Teatro, Il Cerchio, Cooperativa Teatrale
Paco Decina, Odile Cazes, Manon Peronne, Orazio Caiti (Aterballetto), Bric a brac
Movies and video
1995 - Nella mischia by Gianni Zanasi (Cannes festival sect. Quinzaine)
2005 - Le acque dell’anima - in viaggio con Bjorn Larsson nei paesaggi emiliani by
Enza Negroni, prod. Movie Movie - RAI Educational
2008 - Petites Historias Das Criancas by di Gabriele Salvatores, Fabio Scamoni e
Guido Lazzarini, Locarno Film Festival.
Silent movies
2003 - Mit dem Motorrad über die Wolken (regia Lothar Rubelt, 1926. Produzione
CAB Bolzano, allegato alla Guida ai luoghi del cinema in Alto Adige, Giunti Editore)
2008 - Blind Hausbands (regia Erich von Stroheim. Produzione CAB Bolzano
Realizzato in collaborazione con l'orchestra dell'Istituto Musicale Vivaldi, Bolzano
2009 - Menschen an Sonntag (regia di R. Siodmak, 1929, 74’ ca. Prod.
Rimusicazioni-Hk 2008; distribuzione Ermitage Cinema)
2010 -The drummer of 8th (regia di Thomas H. Ince, 1915), in collaboration with the
orchestra of Istituto Musicale Vivaldi, Bolzano. Ermitage Cinema
2011 - The plastic Age, regia di Wesley Ruggles, USA 1925 (in collaboration with
Emilio Galante e Paolo E.Archetti Maestri). Prod. Hermitage Cinema, Bologna,
distribuzione CG.
and for many others: La passion de Jeanne d'Arc, Der cabinet Doctor Caligari,
Nosferatu, Poem8, A propos de Nice, Man with the movie camera.
Installations, Performances and Site Specific works
Museo delle Tracce di Maso Spilzi, Folgaria, Trento, 1998
Spiritus – di:vento:s:u:ono, assolo per suoni di vento elaborati in tempo reale, 2004
Museo del Tempo Sospeso (Percorso secolare attraverso le attività produttive e
contemplative delle sorelle del Monastero di S.Maria Maddalena di Serra dei Conti,
Ancona): audioguida, 2005
Variazioni su Villa Ghigi, per suoni, rumori e interferenze elaborati in tempo reale,
Opera N°3 Bunker n° 3 Fortezza, installazione – percorso sonoro, 2009
Soundwalk on Alps Imaginary Maps, Merano 2011, installazione audiovisiva
Imaginary soundscapes in Siracusa, Siracusa 2012, installazione audiovisiva
Harmonices Mundi – Siracusa version 2012, installazione audiovisiva
Essential Music and Soundtrack Discography
Tiziano Popoli – Marco Dalpane, Scorie, 1985
Popoli – Dalpane Ensemble, Lezioni di anatomia, 1989
Popoli – Dalpane Ensemble Serenate, 1992
A.A.V.V.: Quelle pause di luce, 1992
N.O.R.M.A.: N.O.R.M.A.,1993
A.A.V.V.: Musica Propiziatoria, 1993
A.A.V.V.: Lavori in corso, 1994
A.A.V.V.: Espande 5 L’orchestra del futuro, 1996
N.O.R.M.A.: L’arpa e l’asino, 1997
T. Popoli - V. Vasi: The man with a movie camera, 2001
T. Popoli: A propos de Nice, 2005
Popoli – Dalpane Ensemble: Eno/logie How Many Grapes Went into the Wine, 2009
Humus, Popular Greggio, 2010
Field Recordings Discography
Naturalmentesonori: CD vol 1 – 5
Bolzano, Documentari Sonori CD vol. 1 – 2
Suoni della città di Modena CD vol. 1
Ci siamo liberati, CD di testimonianze orali sulla Resistenza a Spilamberto, Modena